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$200 Limit

WARNING, you may feel like you lost a little bit of your life that you’ll never get back after reading this.

I did my taxes and I found that I owe the IRS a whole $3.66, phew! Now I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I didn’t pay it? Would they eventually throw me in jail over $3.66? Now of course by the time they took me to jail it would be more like $3,660.00. I’d like to know how they figure the interest, because I want to bank there.

I imagine they have an unwritten rule that you never spend more than $200.00 trying to collect less than $5.00, (because more than that would be wastefull…duh!)but of course when you pay that late $5 so you don’t go to jail it’s already more than $200.00. Full circle…shit!

Maybe I’ll have some breakfast.

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